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Domain Safe is a leading provider of domain acquisition and security services, with a dedicated focus on protecting the digital identities of businesses worldwide. Our firm brings together a team of seasoned experts with extensive experience in domain acquisition, cybersecurity, and brand protection. We are driven by the belief that a secure domain is the cornerstone of a brand’s digital identity. Whether you’re a new startup looking for the perfect domain name, or an established company aiming to protect and enhance your online presence, DomainSafe stands ready to be your guide and protector in the digital realm. We aren’t just providing a service, we’re delivering peace of mind in an increasingly complex digital world.

IP Defense

Our IP Defense Service is designed to protect your intellectual property (IP) in the online world. This service focuses on mitigating the risk of domain-related attacks that could harm your brand’s reputation and compromise your IP rights. We monitor the digital landscape to identify potential threats, such as cybersquatting or typosquatting, and take swift action to neutralize them. Our expert team also provides strategic advice on proactive measures you can take to further strengthen your IP protection. With DomainSafe’s IP Defense Service, your brand’s digital identity remains secure and your intellectual property rights are robustly defended.


Our Portfolio Building Service is all about giving your firm a strategic advantage in the digital landscape. We identify, acquire, and manage a portfolio of domain names that not only align with your brand identity, but also provide a competitive edge. Whether it’s securing domain names related to your core business, anticipating future trends, or preventing potential trademark infringements, we’re proactive in our approach. With a carefully curated domain portfolio, your firm can capitalize on digital opportunities, protect its brand integrity, and enhance its online visibility.


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With over 14 years of industry experience and more than 7000 domains under our management, DomainSafe brings unparalleled expertise and proven success to the table in the realm of domain acquisition and protection.

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